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Concord Profile:

As a Tour Operator, our foremost and primary role is to promise to provide you with the best value for your money as well as the best usage of your time in India, while planning your tour.
Just including hotels, transport, guides to the itinerary is what everybody does. Our unique strength is to add unique experiences of India, value for money, local expertise and totally personalized services. All these four ingredients make Indian experience, complete and memorable!

Experience: India is all about experiences! We portray India as a destination immensely rich is culture with history, monuments, festivals and the most gracious, warm and hospitable people.

We focus on what India has to offer and not what it lacks. We show India as an amazing experience, unlike the other Tour Companies, who sell faded, old itineraries. We believe in adding new dimensions to the same tour, if not creating a brand new idea.

This new dimension is the X factor be it participating in village games, visiting Indian homes and having Indian meals, giving a day in your tour to social welfare programmes like teaching in a village school, visiting an orphanage

We would like to offer new and fresh perspective to the itineraries by adding on activities like cooking classes in an Indian home or by chef, witnessing some Regional or Classical Dances, Mock Indian Wedding setup to remember your wedding vows, enjoying a dinner with blue blood by organizing a Meal with Royalty in Rajasthan!

Pace: We would recommend the tour to be medium paced so that you do not get burnt out with a hectic itinerary and end up needing another vacation to recover from the tiredness of your Indian sojourn. There is no rushing in our itineraries and we can tailor make them to make it slower, should you need it.

Interests: We always encourage our guests to inform us about their interests. This lets us weave the programmes around it, thereby adding more character to the itinerary. Whether you are interested in Regional Cuisines, Culture, People Interaction, Westernized Hotels, Spas, Indigenous activities etc, we can add on any of the above as per your choice.

Value for Money: We always recommend you hotels because of their unique selling points, and not based on the hotels which give us a bigger commission or not because, we want to lower the cost to match any other competition. In this way you get the real experience.

From Reservation till Departure: We, at Concord believe that sometimes the journey experienced to plan a tour is more enriching that the tour itself. How? Well this starts from the query received by us and our immediate interest in trying our best to know you more so that we can recommend you or guide you to select and finalize the best tour to suits your requirements.  The role of our India specialists is to assist you in your research and planning.  They help you in exposing you to immense wealth of knowledge and selections. This close connection continues till you reach back home.

Quality and exclusivity: We believe in having high quality of service and exclusive programmes to have your own Indian holiday. Our tour escorts and tour guides are all committed to service and are professional in their approach. Most importantly they are passionate about what they do.

Best of Relationships in this industry: Concords backbone is its Owner and President Mr. Harish Mathur. He has the immense experience of this hospitality trade, having worked in 5 star deluxe hotels with the best of names s like the Oberois, Sofitel etc for nearly two decades, before opening this Company around 20 years back. His vast knowledge and his deep rooted friendships in the hotel trade get us the best of not only the prices , but also availability of rooms in the sold out periods, as well as many other value adds which we pass on to our clients. He personally wishes to meet every guest that comes in and if in town, he does make it a point to share a personal one to one interaction with them. 

The Team: Team Concord, is passionate and has received personal training from our leader, Mr. Mathur. Senior Management is well travelled, experienced and has in depth knowledge in people management as well creating exclusive itineraries. Over the years, their expertise has become the strength which is the key to making and executing a correct tour. The executives are all eager and well trained and share the passion of treating each Guest as God!